Hello! I’m Justin Wojciechowski, a Lead Software Engineer specializing in mobile development utilizing the Xamarin framework. I have over 5 years of Xamarin development experience, with a passion for all things mobile.

I also love to automate everything I can, so I have worked closely with Continuous Integration and Delivery systems such as Jenkins and Bamboo. I also spent a few months as a DevOps Engineer to further myself in this area.

I have many hobbies I enjoy. As you can see above, I’m a big car guy and enjoy autocrossing. I like to wrench on cars in my free time, and install go-fast parts. I also enjoy gaming, tinkering with RC cars, playing piano, and keeping my two cats entertained (or maybe it’s the other way around :) ).

Feel free to reach out to me at my email, or connect with me on LinkedIn!